Sheffield PHP Talk

Last night I spoke at the new Sheffield PHP meetup.  Reunited after a four-year hiatus, the meetup took place at Couch in Sheffield, and was hosted by the Sheffield PHP agency Evoluted.  They hired the venue outright, and provided a bar tab.

Driving Design with Behat at Sheffield PHP
Driving Design with Behat at Sheffield PHP (📷

My talk was about Behat, and its growing role as a tool for software design.  I talked about BDD, Modelling by Example, and how Ubiquitous Language allows scenarios to flow seamlessly into Domain Driven Design.  My company, Inviqa, has been providing training services in these areas for quite some time.  Ciaran McNulty’s splendid Behat talk and Everzet’s original Modelling by Example blog post, in which he introduced the idea, provided a great deal of inspiration.

The Evoluted folks seemed really nice, and I was thrilled to be asked to do the meetup’s inaugural talk.  Very much looking forward to the next one, likely to take place on September 21st.

Update: The slides from Driving Design with Behat are now available.